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With the surge of tax preparation tools, softwares and apps, taxpayers consider impractical or unnecessary to hire professional services at the time of preparing and filing federal income tax returns; however, in our experience of over 30 years, we have seen how this practice has been counterproductive, causing taxpayers much more losses than gains.

Benefits of hiring professional services

In addition to being one of the most complex codes in the world, the United States Federal Tax Code is often revised, adjusted and modified. Hiring professionals with the skill, the expertise and a current and thorough knowledge and understanding of federal and local taxation systems will not only save you time, but also money and resources.

We focus on maximizing your resources by accurately identifying and recording your financial information so you can take advantage of any deduction or tax benefit available to you under the law; helping you avoid tax errors and/or omissions that may ultimately result in higher liabilities, lower refunds, incorrect or incomplete returns, audits, penalties, tax debt, and calls and letters from the IRS.

Know your obligations

Every person that resides and/or earns income in the United States of America is required to file federal income taxes; including:

To avoid or ignore tax obligations may result in civil sanctions and even criminal prosecution!

Regardless of your immigration status (or lack thereof), we are able to provide you with the tax services you need to accurately and effectively file your returns.

Build and strengthen your wealth

Most people believe that Financial Analysis are only for businesses and corporations, this is not true! Our qualified professionals at Taxes USA can help you identify your personal financial goals and reconcile these goals with your current situation.

Among the most common goals shared by our customers are: build and expand their net worth, elaborate and manage budgets, plan for taxes, savings and investments and prepare for retirement.

A qualified professional will be able to gather, organize, analyze and present your financial information in an integral and systematic way, so you can determine the best strategy and make informed decisions towards building and/or strengthening your wealth.

Contact Us and book your appointment for taxes and/or Financial Analysis.

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30+ years of Practice, full Service Agency, Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

30+ years of Practice, Full Service Agency
Hundreds of Satisfied Customers!

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